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How did I learn about Arbonne?

A few years ago, a friend invited me to an Arbonne party. She knew I was trying to incorporate as many natural, vegan products into my skincare as I could, and she thought this would be ‘right up my alley’. I’d never heard of Arbonne, so I went in thinking that they might have a few things I could try. At that point I’d been ordering products from small vegan makeup and vitamin lines off of the internet, and it was becoming a bit of a pain to have to research every single product line and item before I tried it, and expensive to boot! I was ordering products from Denmark – imagine how that postage was adding up!

Lo and behold, that first party opened me up to a huge line of vegan, safe, botanically-based products that are created to the Swiss standard. The North American standard for makeup and supplements is that things have to be proven harmful before they must be removed. Now read that sentence again….. (I’ll give you a minute). Yes, companies can put whatever they want into these products, and it’s up to consumer organizations to test them all and prove them to be harmful before they’ll remove the ingredient. Do you have any idea how many new products come onto the market every year? There is no protective body with the money or resources to test them all. The Environmental Working Group does a great job, but even they can’t cover them all.

The Swiss Standards are the strictest in the world, much more so than those of North America, meaning Arbonne imposes far higher standards on their products than the government mandates. In Switzerland, an ingredient has to prove its safety and effectiveness before it can be used in the final product.

The products are all botanically based and use the purest of botanical ingredients, with the safest of science to create beneficial products that work.

Vegan certified & meets PETA standards

They never have and never will, test on animals. They also do not use any animal product or by-product, which is sourced from the Animal Rendering industry – a very common yet little known means of recycling animal waste. I recommend that you Google search Animal Rendering to find out the details of that for yourself. Especially in today’s society, in which so many people are buying organic food because they don’t want pesticides, growth hormones, steroids & antibiotics in what they’re eating, if they’re using a non-vegan certified product, those same substances are getting into their system through their personal care products. What you put on your skin can be absorbed into your body in 26 seconds, much faster than what you ingest! So, the next time you’re in the shower or using some lotion or brushing your teeth, take a minute to turn the bottle around and read though the ingredients list. If you’re reading things like tallow, glycerin, collagen, lanolin or “natural” ingredients, there is likely animal fats and by-product in that product. It’s there as a cheap bulking agent and emollient to make your products feel smooth and slippery.

It is more important than ever that we make sure we are all using products with pure and safe ingredients.

Arbonne Products

Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist, & Pediatrician tested with Clinical Results

Tested, not recommend. Recommendations are paid endorsements, and Arbonne does not pay for any endorsement, celebrity or professional. We are tested for safety and efficacy through Third Party, Double Blind panel testing on human volunteers. The flagship line, RE9 Advanced, has beat out the top prestige retail and MLM brands, and is currently the number 1 Anti-Aging line for Results on the market, hands down.

pH correct at 5.5pH

The products are pH correct at 5.5pH – the same slightly acidic pH as your skin, also known as your “acid mantle.” Our acid mantle protects us from bacteria, free radicals, pollutants, and the elements. When you wash with cleansers that are not pH correct, you strip off your acid mantle. It takes 14 hours for your skin to regenerate itself, and what do we do every 14 hours? We wash again. That constant cycle of stripping and restoring leads to all sorts of self-inflicted skin conditions like dry skin, oily skin, and acne. Unlike the majority of North American products which can range from a pH of 8 and up, our products sit at the correct pH and allow the skin to function, as it should. The products are also 100% Hypoallergenic.

And lastly, they are formulated without mineral oil, an extremely common petroleum-based ingredient. Mineral oil is a by-product of the crude oil industry and is used as a cheap emollient filler and bulking agent. It’s the number one ingredient in North American skin care but it’s banned in Switzerland and the EU in personal care products. Why? Because it’s an occlusive oil. When it breaks down, the molecules are too big to be absorbed into your pores so it just sits there, effectively wrapping your skin like saran wrap. Your skin is your largest breathing organ and it’s mean to detoxify – something that can’t be done if it’s coated with mineral oil.

Arbonne Products

One-stop shop for safe, high-quality, highly-concentrated products

I placed an order, LOVED most of the products, and was sold – it was an easy decision because it meant that I could get everything I needed in one place. No more researching, no more currency conversions in my head to figure out just how much things cost, no more trial and error. Simple!!! I love simple!!!

One thing I didn’t love a first was the mascara; apparently it’s one of the hardest products to make with vegan ingredients because we all want those thick thick lashes. I didn’t find it effective, so I commented on that in the Consultant forum online. Enough of us brought it up that they took it back to the drawing board and made an even better product. Wow! It was great to know that my feedback was important to the company, and that they would take it so seriously! They did the same thing with the eye makeup remover. A small percentage of us found it to be a bit ‘stingy’, so they reformulated that too! Now it’s awesome! Even my clients with very sensitive eyes use it without issue.

If you can one-stop shop for safe, high-quality, highly-concentrated products, why wouldn’t you? The only thing that has suffered is my Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points card, because I never go there anymore.

If you’re interested in receiving a catalogue or trying any of the products, please contact me. There is a 45-day no-questions asked, money-back guarantee on everything you buy. You can use the whole thing up and decide it didn’t provide the results you wanted and I’ll be happy to send it back with your feedback.

What have you got to lose?